About Us

We were established in 1989. Pioneering in the review for UPCAT, NMAT and other allied Review Programs. 

Company Profile

Postgraduate Institute for Competitive Studies [PICS] started offering review program in 1989, the same year the company was registered at SEC.  Established to develop review courses in the Medical and Allied courses, we offer review for NURSING, CHEMISTRY., P.T., AMCAT, NMAT, UPCAT.  Currently, PICS is having an expansion program and will soon offer review in Med Tech and Psychometrician. PICS will be offering Music Education Program too.
The last 20 years, our Review Center remained very active in offering review courses in different fields, among them:
NMAT – The National Medical Admission Test, where we are the dominant player for the past 18 years.  Averaging about 1000 students/season and a passing rate of 100%.  We offer the review course in several centers which include: PICS Center Manila, Baguio, Cavite, UP Los Banos and Legaspi City.
NAT/AMCAT – Nursing Aptitude Test and Allied Medical Course Admission Test.  We also offer review for the battery test of Nursing, Med. Tech. and P.T.  Our Centers include PICS Center in Morayta, several schools in Manila, Batangas and the Bicol region.
UPCAT/CAT – College Admission Tests.  Our Center is one of the most active in offering this review course. So far we have serviced about 38 schools in Metro Manila and nearby provinces including prestigious schools such as UST High School, Lourdes School of Mandaluyong,  Lourdes School of Quezon City, St. Paul, Sisters Of Mary Immaculate, St. James College, St. Stephens, Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, Dominican, Trinity University of Asia, Stella Maris College, Quezon City Science High School, San Lorenzo, St. Joseph and others.  With an average of 1,500 students [about 40 sections] with a passing rate of around 98%.
NURSING BOARD REVIEW – Offered since 1989,  with an average passing rate of 89%.  Review offered in several Centers including Baguio, Bicol region, Pangasinan, Batangas and in PICS Center Manila.  We also have agreements with several schools.
High quality, effective and excellent review program that adheres to the highest standard possible and value to the very competitive review fees.

CHEMISTRY BOARD REVIEW - First offered in 2013, our passing rate was 98% with a TOP 3 in the 2015 board exam.

Our lecturers complement our vast experience in conducting review.  Our Center always adheres to its goal of always offering lecturers that excel in their field of specialization.  All are authorities in their chosen profession and active practitioner in the most prestigious colleges and universities in the Philippines.


  • We have a very safe and conducive venue for learning
  • .Air-conditioned classrooms.
  • We are among the very few review center who produce/issue our own review manual for the use in the review.


  • Intensive review program.   
  • Combination of lecture based and test based review.
  • We have a coordinator in every section to ensure the smooth conduct of review and to immediately attend to possible problems.
  • Very professional and capable staff.
  • Program professionally developed by our team of lecturers from the University of the Philippines.
  • Highly qualified professors, they are experienced and masters of their own field of specialization. Very professional in dealing with the partner schools.
  • Our partner schools stays with us thru the years, a testimony of our professionalism in doing our part of the partnership.
  • Most of our lecturers 20 years ago still lectures for us,and enjoy good and professional relationship with each and everyone of them.